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Agatized Coral pair from Hillsborough County, Florida

Agatized Coral pair from Hillsborough County, Florida

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From Hillsborough County in Florida, this listing is for a 3 pound 3-ounce Agatized Coral set. Cut in half and polished on each face with the rest left natural, this set is absolutely gorgeous with an interesting interior structure that reveals both the growth habit of the coral and the Agate filled pockets with a botryoidal growth habit that is spectacular and dramatic. As you explore this lovely set, you'll find several small pockets of sparkling Agate drusy. I have plexiglass stands that will accommodate this lovely set and will include them in your package.

We could never have guessed; we were already blessed. Exactly where we are. -James Taylor

One of the most helpful and positive stones to receive, find or give, Agate is a blessing. It has been valued as a good luck stone through many ages and cultures because it influences actions that contribute to growth and wellbeing. Choose Agate when selecting a crystal gift, especially for someone younger who you wish to align with the best and brightest future. As with chalcedony and Jasper, consider the color. Red is a power color representing strength, passion and creation. Earthy browns are more grounding and green resonates with healing and the heart. 

Keywords: blessings, best wishes

W 10 X D 4 3/8 X H 6 inches