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Amethyst (Grape) from Uraguay

Amethyst (Grape) from Uraguay

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From Uraguay, this listing is for a Grape Amethyst cut base, the base is flat for display. The purple is such a juicy color they call it Grape Amethyst after grape jelly. The deepest color and most prized Amethyst comes from Uraguay. This beautiful Amethyst is an upside down teardrop with depth and gorgeous color.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. -Buckminster Fuller

Amethyst possesses and transfers to us a sobering, clearing effect on our emotions. It makes a person better - soothing and dispersing bad thoughts. Amethyst is a wonderful crystal to have as a personal talisman for anyone battling addictive issues and the thought processes that come along with this major life challenge. Any and every office space that has lots of people traffic would benefit from Amethyst being present. Amethyst gets it's lovely color from traces of iron it contains that are lodged in the crystal lattice.

Keywords: soothing, change life patterns

W 1 3/4 X D 2 X H 3 inches



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