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Apophyllite from India

Apophyllite from India

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From India, this listing is for a 1 pound 14-ounce green apophyllite on matrix. The green Apophyllite is a stunning shade of green. The individual crystals have a concentration of color that forms a stripe down the center of each one. This apophyllite is gemmy, translucent and will display upright and horizontally. The bright green of the apophyllite crystals really pops against the brown matrix.

Above all else be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it. -Hardy D. Jackson

Lovely delicate layers of truth. As you gaze at the exquisite purity o Apophyllite you see and feel that it is here to help you to feel open - as you really are. Apophyllite encourages calm, tranquility and above all honesty. Use Apophyllite to soothe during high emotional times, when issues around you seem overwhelming and clear thinking, deep knowing and a connection to your core are called for. Did you know Apophyllite has a high water content? Because of this it's very conductive of energy and any broken surfaces shine like mother-of-pearl. 

Keywords: crystal of virtue

W 7 X D 2 5/8 X H 3 1/2 inches