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Aquamarine Crystal from Pakistan, Terminated and 77 grams

Aquamarine Crystal from Pakistan, Terminated and 77 grams

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From Pakistan, this 77 gram Aquamarine crystal has a prominent rainbow, refreshing sky blue color, depth, clarity, that 'glow from within' quality. Fully terminated, this beautiful aquamarine is an aesthetic and energetic treasure.

To free the voice is to free the person. -Kristin Linklater

Aquamarine is a joyful, uplifting influence, clearing up issues, lending clearheadedness and honesty. The name Aquamarine (meaning seawater) was coined in the renaissance period, even older legends tell how it changes color to reveal true and false, friends from foes. Aquamarine can be a sturdy helpmate as you find your way to the truth of who you are, aligning yourself with your true inner being. Resonating with the throat chakra, aquamarine also supports finding your voice.

Keywords: moving into joy

77 grams

1 7/8 X 1 1/8 X 1 5/8 inches