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Azurite Palm Stone from Peru

Azurite Palm Stone from Peru

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From Peru, this listing is for a polished palm sized Azurite with Malachite. This lovely, fat palm stone is polished into a shape and size that is soothing and grounding. Holding a palm stone while meditating on an issue, goal or intent can bring the comfort and release needed to free yourself and connect with the new. 

The most miraculous outcomes come to those who dare to slow down. -Matt Kahn

Rainwater, Carbonic Acid, Copper Ore – all of these elements come together in the creation process of Azurite which is really a transformation. So we are at the heart of it right now, this is what Azurite is for in our lives - to assist with transformation. And not just any transformation, one from plain to brilliant. Azurite corresponds to the third eye chakra, lending it's support to the way we 'see' things – sharpening our intuition and spiritual awareness, helping us to not just see but feel and know.

Keyword: transformation

2 1/8 X 1 X 3 1/8 inches