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Black Tourmaline from Tamatav, Madagascar

Black Tourmaline from Tamatav, Madagascar

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From Tamatav, Madagascar, this listing is for a parcel of (10) black tourmaline. These are old stock, sold as a set and each is terminated and lustrous. These small size black tourmaline specimens can be used for grids, gifts or resale.

Let nothing perturb you, nothing frighten you. All things pass. patience achieves everything. - Mother Teresa

According to Arabic tradition, Black Tourmaline protects from nightmares. I believe this to be true as it has such an underlying strength it is easy to rest assured in it's presence. Black Tourmaline says safety and security and within this safety and security profound peace. Black Tourmaline makes a great travel stone so carry it with you, wear it or even keep a piece in your car. Black Tourmaline accounts for at least 95% of the Tourmaline found. When a mineral is so prolific in nature it's because we need it.

Keywords: security, peace

each approximately 1 inch, 110 grams total, 10 individual pieces