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Chrysoprase Palm Stone from Madagascar

Chrysoprase Palm Stone from Madagascar

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From Madagascar, this listing is for a super fat Chrysoprase palm stone, polished to a high shine. The transluscent areas of Chalcedony are fluorescent and the rusty areas are oxidized iron (Limonite). Big, earthy and round, this palm stone is rustic and comforting. 

It's hard to tell the truth, but once it's told, it's hard to keep it back. -Sharon Green

An aspect of Chrysoprase is that it speaks to the view that there are guardians watching over us that we cannot see yet feel in our heart. In antiquity, Chrysoprase was assigned to Venus, speaking not only to sensual love but also to the Divine Love of Truth. Green resonates with the heart and supports us when we need help living our personal truth as those who have passed want us to be happy, blessed and living our life to the fullest. Chrysoprase is Chalcedony that obtains it's color from traces of Nickel. 

2 1/2 X 2 X 1 1/2 inches