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Quartz (Citrine) Polished and Double Terminated from Congo

Quartz (Citrine) Polished and Double Terminated from Congo

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From the Democratic Republic of Congo, this listing is for a polished, double terminated citrine. This citrine has not been heat treated, its color is natural, deep and rich. This citrine has beautiful, natural, concentrated color, great clarity and rainbows.

Life isn't about finding yourself; it's about creating yourself. -George Bernard Shaw

Natural citrine makes us dynamic and encourages a heartfelt desire for variety and new experiences. Carry this citrine as you embark on trailblazing of any sort. Citrine has an energy that is high and bright, its radiance helps us to connect with the part of us that enjoys learning new things and taking on new ventures and assignments and does so with gusto. Citrine is a match to the sacral chakra and assists with making us more mobile. You'll find that after you've tackled second chakra issues, lethargy is replaced by vitality.

Keywords: variety, gusto

W 1 1/2 X L 2 3/8 X D 1 inches