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Quartz (Red Phantom, XL) from Tamil Nadu in India

Quartz (Red Phantom, XL) from Tamil Nadu in India

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From Tamil Nadu in India, this stunning 6 pound 10 ounce Red Phantom Quartz is from the mountains of southern India. This cluster is saturated with deep red, rich and real. The phantoms reside within chunky, clear points and this cluster is accented with golden hematite. The phantoms are fiery red hematite, pixilated yet distinct. A dusting of hematite confetti has created this beautiful effect. Displays beautifully. This is a spectacular Red Phantom cluster.

Quartz clears, aligns and magnifies intent. The addition of Hematite is grounding, resonates with the lower chakras and reminds us that always, we are exactly where we need to be. This special quartz is here to help us be present in every moment, the good and not so. Red is a power color and a symbol of strength. Phantoms allow us to dive deep and utilize our spiritual strength.

Keywords: fully present in every moment

W 8 1/2 X D 6 1/2 X H 3 3/4 inches