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Kambaba Jasper Heart from Madagascar

Kambaba Jasper Heart from Madagascar

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From Madagascar, this listing is for a big, polished, puffy heart of Kambaba Jasper. Full of the concentric orbs, eyes and dark to light greens that Kambaba is known for, this heart is earthy, weighty, beautiful and comforting. 

Kambaba is algae, fossilized over time, turning the algae into Stromatolite Jasper. Kambaba Jasper has a strong association with the rich, green and lush natural world and is very calming to the nerves and soothing to an agitated state of mind. As your mind and body relax, you release unhealthy toxins and nervous energy, allowing you to appreciate and enjoy more of your environment. Hold Kambaba with the intent to feel a deeper sense of peace. Mantra: I am held in safety and love, the Universe always has my best interests at heart. Now and forever, thank you. 

Keywords: restore, relax

W 3 X H 2 5/8 X W 1 5/8 inches