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Kammererite Sphere from India

Kammererite Sphere from India

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From India, this listing is for a Kammererite sphere. Deep, gorgeous purple winds its way through soothing, pastel green. This color combination is a special one, purple resonates with the upper chakras, a connection to spirit and source. Green resonates with the heart and is the color of healing and the healer. 

'The inner life of any great thing will be incomprehensible to me until I develop and deepen an inner life of my own.' -Parker J Palmer

Kammererite is a chromium based form of Clinochlore, in this case it is a purple to deep crimson/magenta red toned crystal also known as Chromium Clinochlore. Due to its deep, rich color, Kammererite represents and supports universal harmony, compassion and cooperation. This is its guiding energetic principle, a beacon of bright light. This mineral also supports a clear message of heart and blood strength, an intense and powerful connection to courage and determination.

Keywords: compassion, courage

1 1/4 inch diameter



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