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Labradorite Elephant, Carved in India

Labradorite Elephant, Carved in India

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This listing is for a labradorite elephant, carved by a small cottage business in India, this elephant is not mass produced. The flash is mostly on this little elephants' legs although you'll see some on her tail as well. The most prominent flash is blue although you'll also see green and gold.

Elephants represent a deep and ancient wisdom, instinctual and pure. There is nothing small about an elephant and this obvious and breathtaking fact must be taken into consideration. There is a clear association, not with ego or grandstanding, but with gravitas. Dignity, intelligence, solemnity, these are traits the elephant possesses and proudly represents.

Labradorite strengthens us spiritually and physically. Use beautiful Labradorite to fortify against colds and immune malfunction and when you are in a 'spiritual drought' meditate with lovely labradorite as it also strengthens our intuition and supports us in our spiritual quests. Labradorite is a perfect personal talisman because of it's overall restorative qualities. It is one of those stones that helps us keep going - quite literally it feeds our soul. 

Keywords: all seeing, restoration

W 1 1/2 X L 2 7/8 X H 2 3/8 inches, 170 grams