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Sugilite Ganesh Carving from India

Sugilite Ganesh Carving from India

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Carved in India, this listing is for a miniature Sugilite sitting Ganesh with the traditional mouse carved into the back. Carved by a small family business in India, this Ganesh is unique, not mass produced. Because it is carved from RARE Sugilite, this small Ganesh can be your personal talisman as you make your way through the obstacles of life to attain your personal and unique version of success.

Ganesh is associated with wisdom, favorable beginnings through the removal of obstacles and overall good fortune. If Ganesh is approached with the proper respect and understanding, his benevolent energy is helpful in overcoming the challenges one may face in life. 

The cure for anything is saltwater, sweat, tears or the sea. -Isak Dinesen

The harmonizing effects of Sugilite are so profound that it's an affective stone for many physical disorders, especially those of emotional origin. What is the physical pain distracting you from? Sugilite is here to help and is one of the most supportive meditation and dream stones you can utilize. Purple corresponds to the crown chakra and the ability to connect with high guidance. Named after it's discoverer, Dr. Kenichi Sugi, it was first found in Japan in 1944. To date it is only found in two places - Japan and Sooth Africa. 

Keyword: harmony

W 3/8 X H 1/2 inches, 2.1 grams




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