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Moldavite from Chlum in the Czech Republic

Moldavite from Chlum in the Czech Republic

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This listing is for a 3.5 gram chunk of grade A Moldavite from Chlum in the Czech Republic, perfect for a medicine bag, jewelry making or personal talisman. This thick chunk of Moldavite is transluscent and that rich, concentrated green specific to Moldavite and is in perfect condition, vibrant and ready to assist.

Whoever is the most impertinent has the best chance. -Mozart

Do you seek an ally for an adventurous life? Look to Moldavite for it's high vibration and expansion properties. Seeking adventure is a decision – make the decision. Moldavite makes a perfect personal talisman for those beginning a journey or quest. Because of it's chemical composition and extremely low water content, the general consensus among scientists is Moldavite was formed 15 million years ago by the impact of a giant meteorite striking Earth.

Keywords: adventures, decisions, journey stone

3.5 grams

1 X 3/4 X 3/16 inches