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Obsidian (Snowflake) Palm Stone from Pakistan

Obsidian (Snowflake) Palm Stone from Pakistan

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From Pakistan, this listing is for a snowflake obsidian palm stone. This palm stone is perfectly oval and smooth, it feels good to the touch. I find palm stones to be soothing, comforting and stress relieving.

Take a day to heal from the lies you've told yourself and the ones that have been told to you. -Maya Angelou

Obsidian helps us to obtain integrity through seeing our shadow sides. Once they are revealed, they can once more become part of the whole self, purifying the atmosphere around us of negativity and the influences that drive us when we are acting from this shadow side. When we are dealing with issues from a place of unconditional love and not reacting to issues, we are connected to our integrity. Obsidian was used for some of the oldest artifacts of mankind.

Keywords: integrity

2 X 3 inches