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Pietersite Bear Carving from Arizona

Pietersite Bear Carving from Arizona

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From Arizona, this listing is for a polished bear carving, made from pietersite. The carver has created a fetish bear in homage to the state where this pietersite was found. This beautiful sculpture has bands of chatoyant gold and more gold can be seen through transluscent chalcedony. Pietersite is a variety of chalcedony with embedded amphibole fibers. The fibers are similar to tiger's eye but tiger's eye is microcrystalline quartz and pietersite is chalcedony.

This stone is about making order out of chaos, creating calm after a storm, lemonade out of lemons. This dramatic mineral combination helps us to see the beauty and brightness in the peace and calm that comes after a rainstorm. Use pietersite to help you remain connected to calm and peace. Let it remind you the glass is not only half full, there is so much more where that came from. 

Keywords: make the most of it

W 3 5/8 X 1 X H 2 1/2 inches