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Prehnite on Andradite Garnet from Kayes District, Mali

Prehnite on Andradite Garnet from Kayes District, Mali

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From Kayes District, Mali, this listing is for Prehnite crystals on Andradite garnet. The Garnet has formed in a little mountain of small to larger crystal formations, the sedate green Prehnite has formed in globular shapes. This is a lovely and energetic little specimen from Mali. If you look carefully, you will find Epidote as well.

My lifetime listens to yours. -Muriel Rukeyser

The stone of unconditional love. There is a peaceful, sedate energy to Prehnite, a limitless pool of calm. Use Prehnite as a stone of the heart as all paths lead to cultivating an ability, affinity and aspiration for a life of unconditional love. Unconditional love has no limits, it carries within it complete freedom. When you give your love, your time, your wisdom without counting the cost, you are living a life unbound. Green corresponds to the heart chakra, use green Prehnite to clear and align and free the heart and emotions. 

Garnets bestow courage, hope and trust and in difficult situations display an endurance that will surprise. When looking for a crystal that will ground you, Garnet is an excellent choice – it is the perfect talisman for those going through trials and upheaval in life. Simply put, it is the stone of the hero or heroine. Historically Garnets have come into fashion after great world upheaval such as after World War II – no surprise as they are a balancing stone for all. Essential oils to use with Garnet include rose, lavender or holy basil. Keywords: hope, trust

2 3/8 X 1 5/8 X 1 1/4 inches



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