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Pyrite Sphere from Spain

Pyrite Sphere from Spain

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From Spain, this listing is for a polished sphere of pyrite. This beautiful, sparkling sphere has many spaces, crevices and nooks so you can see into the crystal and closely examine the variety of crystal formations. There is even an area with tiny, terminated Quartz. This sphere sits well without a stand. 

Pyrite is one of the most common minerals, found in a wide variety of locations. Because of its gold color, it was often mistaken for gold, leading to the nickname 'fool's gold', although it's actually very easily distinguishable from real gold because it's much harder, yet lighter. Pyrite very often contains both Nickel and Cobalt in trace amounts.

Sacred geometry of the sphere: Starting with that which may be the simplest and most perfect of forms, the sphere is an ultimate expression of unity, completeness, and integrity. There is no point of view given greater or lesser importance, and all points on the surface are equally accessible and regarded by the center from which all originate. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets, and globular star systems all echo the spherical paradigm of total inclusion, acceptance, simultaneous potential and fruition, the macrocosm and microcosm.

Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men (women). -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Pyrite encourages self-realization and like many metallics also represents money. Find self-realization doing what you love – value for value is so satisfying. So is creating your own personal version of a life well lived. Mighty Pyrite says nurture and embrace this system of belief. Let making money serve you, not own you. Pyrite emits sparks when struck by iron, hence its name from the Greek word Pyr meaning fire. Harness the energy of this fire crystal to your advantage when it comes to changing your beliefs about how you make your money.

Keywords: self-realization

2 inch diameter