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Quartz (Included) Tower from Brazil

Quartz (Included) Tower from Brazil

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From Brazil, this listing is for an included quartz tower, aka: garden quartz or shamanic dreamstone. This beautiful quartz contains layers of snowy white, a darker mineral (probably hematite) and sparkling microcline quartz. The snowy white is studded with tiny diamonds of quartz, and the interior planes create big rainbows.

Work on your stuff or your stuff will work on you. -Steven Forrest

Included Quartz has a depth that can be used to your advantage. Ask yourself - what lies beneath, what begs to be revealed so I can continue with my transformation and growth. Use Included Quartz in your meditations and for deep, serious dreamwork. Included Quartz is sometimes called Shamanic Dream Stone and can contain mineral inclusions called Lodalite. Included Quartz can also contain Chlorite which is a life enhancing mineral, adding strength and vitality to your space. Polishing Included Quartz reveals a rich inner landscape that looks like a mysterious underwater world.

Keywords: what lies beneath

W 1 7/8 X D 1 1/4 X H 4 inches