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Reserve listing Fatex only!!!

Reserve listing Fatex only!!!

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Reserve listing, fatex only!!!

From Santander, Colombia, this listing is for pink faden quartz. This quartz cluster is a beautiful example of the faden growth habit. Faden forms in the tabular growth habit and means thread in German, often a thread or cord can be seen. Inclusions of liquid and gas comprise the thread. It is thought that the quartz from this area are pink due to lepidolite in the matrix.

The moment of change is the only poem. -Adrienne Rich

Pink resonates with the heart and Lepidolite (which contains lithium) is a calming, balancing and soothing element. Quartz can be used to clear, balance, and align the spiritual, emotional and physical body. What needs to be cleared, and what needs to go? Clear blockages, cords and all sublime energetic systems. Use quartz to clear your space and yourself, keeping the vibration high. 'There are two kinds of light', said author James Thurber, 'the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures'.  Quartz is the glow that illuminates.

Keywords: clear, balance, align

1 3/4 X 3 1/4 inches