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Scolecite Polished Massage Wand from India

Scolecite Polished Massage Wand from India

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From India, this polished Scolecite massage wand is beautiful and perfect for pressure point therapy. It’s color is snowy white with the rays of crystals revealed and shimmering. 

With a stout heart, even a mouse can lift an elephant. -Tibetan Proverb

Scolecite has an ancient system in place to support and protect as you move to the next level of growth. Think of Scolecite as laying a firm foundation, one that balances and aligns with effects that are long lasting. Scolecite is a prismatic crystal, often found in radiating masses. For healing work, it can be used quite effectively with Vetiver which is a grass that is sown wherever there is erosion of the soil in India because it's strong roots prevent loss.

Keywords: alignment, nervous system, foundation

7/8 X 3 1/2 inches