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Sunstone Elephant, Carved in India

Sunstone Elephant, Carved in India

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This listing is for a sunstone elephant, carved by a small cottage business in India, this elephant is not mass produced. This elephant has deposits of sunstone, big and small that flash and sparkle as it moves. 

Elephants represent a deep and ancient wisdom, instinctual and pure. There is nothing small about an elephant and this obvious and breathtaking fact must be taken into consideration. There is a clear association, not with ego or grandstanding, but with gravitas. Dignity, intelligence, solemnity, these are traits the elephant possesses and proudly represents.

Sunstone is in the feldspar group, along with moonstone, labradorite and amazonite. Sometimes called cordierite, the flecks of sparkle are hematite inclusions. If your sunstone contains rainbow sprinkles, it can be used with most chakras. If they are purely orange, it will resonate with the lower three chakras; will center, sacral and root. This is a very effective stone to use for grounding, call it in when you feel scattered and uncertain. 

Keywords: grounding, focus

W 1 1/8 X L 2 5/8 X H 2 3/8 inches, 105 grams