Visit the crystal warehouse by appointment.

When you make an appointment you'll be able to browse throughout the warehouse and view items listed online (if you are interested in viewing an item listed online, please let us know in advance). If you are new to crystals or need extra help with a specific purchase, we will help as much or as little as needed. Our approach is to support the use of your own intuition in making your selection, the choices that come from within are significant and personally empowering. Whether you are experienced or a novice, you will find an extensive collection of interesting, unusual and magical finds at Lavish Earth in all price ranges.

In addition to crystals + minerals, Lavish Earth carries crystal and metal singing bowls and crystal pyramids.

Drop ins are difficult to accommodate, so please plan your visit to the Lavish Earth warehouse by booking online and in advance. Your visit is appreciated, and you will be able to take your time browsing when visiting by appointment. If you are a wholesale customer, please book your appointment by email.

Make an Appointment

Lavish Earth is located in the Pine Point Business Park, 15 Holly St, Scarborough Maine.

Drive around BACK to #101, enter through the door that says LAVISH EARTH.