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Agate Drusy Tower from Brazil

Agate Drusy Tower from Brazil

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From Brazil, this listing is for an Agate tower with a sparkling drusy filled center. The surrounding Agate is translucent and has that milky carnelian look. The Agate is not only translucent, but it's also banded which creates a beautiful frame for the sparkling center.

One of the most helpful and positive stones to receive, find or give, Agate is a blessing. It has been valued as a good luck stone through many ages and cultures because it influences actions that contribute to growth and wellbeing. Choose Agate when selecting a crystal gift, especially for someone younger who you wish to align with the best and brightest future. As with Chalcedony and Jasper, consider the color. Red is a power color representing strength, passion and creation. Earthy browns are more grounding and green resonates with healing and the heart. 

Keywords: blessings, best wishes

W 2 1/2 X D 1 1/2 X H 3 1/2 inches