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Azurite and Malachite from China

Azurite and Malachite from China

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From China, this listing is for a specimen of azurite and malachite. The azurite is brilliant blue and sparkling, and you will find it across most of the surface and in many crevices. The malachite is a beautiful contrast with the deep blue. This is a beautiful piece with an abundance of azurite to enjoy.

The most miraculous outcomes come to those who dare to slow down. -Matt Kahn

Rainwater, carbonic acid, copper ore – all of these elements come together in the creation process of azurite which is really a transformation. So, we are at the heart of it right now, this is what azurite is for in our lives - to assist with transformation. And not just any transformation, one from plain to brilliant. azurite corresponds to the third eye chakra, lending its support to the way we 'see' things – sharpening our intuition and spiritual awareness, helping us to not just see but feel and know.

Keyword: transformation

W 2 X D 3 1/2 X H 2 inches