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Black Chalcedony Cut Base Geode from India

Black Chalcedony Cut Base Geode from India

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From India, this listing is for a geode with an opening looking down into a Black Chalcedony filled interior. The Chalcedony is dark as night yet sparkles with every movement because Chalcedony is pure, fibrous Quartz. This geode has a flat base and displays well upright.

All things have the ability to flourish when they are tended by gentle hands. -Erin Forbes

Chalcedony represents the elements of air and water. Do seasonal changes or unexpected challenges effect your immune system, bringing about illnesses or a lack of energy? Use Chalcedony to focus on strengthening your resistance and increasing your vital life force. Consider the area of the body or energetic system affected when choosing the color and type of Chalcedony. Black can be grounding, promoting a feeling of safety and security. Chalcedony is a pure, fibrous Quartz with other mineral inclusions causing color variations. 

W 2 1/4 X D 1 3/4 X H 2 1/4 inches