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Black Kyanite from Brazil

Black Kyanite from Brazil

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From Brazil, this listing is for ONE black kyanite crystal cluster between 2 to 3.5 inches. Some are short and fan out in a wide broom, some form in slender sprays. This mineral forms in a spray or fan, so you can easily see why it's sometimes referred to as 'witches' broom'. Did you know kyanite is a major raw material for an ingredient used in spark plugs and heat resistant porcelains? 

You must act as if it is impossible to fail. -Ashanti Proverb

Black Kyanite is a powerful protection stone. As such it can be effective in working with the aura and spiraling air pattern since both have protective qualities that may need repair from time to time. Have clear intent when working with Black Kyanite and don't underestimate it or yourself. Find a quiet space, clear yourself and your surroundings and begin - remove and transmute anything that doesn't support you in your highest. Affirm that you are left in a place of support, protection, clarity and strength. Kyanite is of the triclinic crystal system and often forms in blades and columns.