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Copper Nugget from Lake Superior Copper District, Michigan

Copper Nugget from Lake Superior Copper District, Michigan

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This listing is for a copper nugget from the Lake Superior Copper District in Michigan. This is native copper, with green patina. Did you know Michigan copper is the purest copper on the planet? This one looks like a little creature, with her head and long neck.

What people have forgotten is what every Salmon knows. -Robert Clark

Copper has a watery aspect and is one of the seven metals of alchemy, representing Venus. It is very conductive of energy and is therefore effective in balancing and removing blockages. It has a long history of use by Shamans for physical health issues and is a healing metal to wear on the body and for incorporating into your home. Use copper in alters, grids and for personal use as a healing talisman.

Keywords: flow of energy

W 2 X 1 3/8 X 1 inches