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Phantom Quartz from China

Phantom Quartz from China

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From China, this listing is for a Quartz cluster with tall, slender, upwards facing points. Limonite (oxidized iron) partially coats the exterior; Hematite phantoms reside within. This elegant cluster is a small work of intricate art, and you will see self-healing has occurred.

Quartz clears, aligns and magnifies intent. The addition of Hematite is grounding, resonates with the lower chakras and reminds us that always, we are exactly where we need to be in the moment. This special quartz is here to help us be present where we are, the good and not so. Phantoms allow us to dive deep, exploring issues, then utilizing our spiritual strength to align with the best possible outcomes.

Keywords: fully present in every moment

W 3 1/2 X D 2 3/8 X H 2 7/8 inches