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Dioptase Specimen from Congo (W 3 3/4 X D 2 1/4 X H 1 3/4 inches)

Dioptase Specimen from Congo (W 3 3/4 X D 2 1/4 X H 1 3/4 inches)

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From DRC (Congo), this listing is for a dioptase specimen. The gorgeous green of dioptase is unique to this mineral. It is rich, lush and life affirming. This specimen has a massive deposit of dioptase that makes a swath down the front of a rock matrix. There are several additional areas where dioptase crystals can be seen emerging from the matrix along with smokey quartz. This is a beautiful, scenic landscape of dioptase that sits and displays well, upright with crystals facing front.

Green dioptase corresponds with the heart. Its deep, rich green represents the healing of the heart that must occur in order to foster growth. What is hidden in your heart has to be brought into the light so healing can occur. If you are the healer, dioptase can be of service as a personal talisman, keeping the heart aligned with your greatest potential as a care giver. 

Keywords: restoration

W 3 3/4 X D 2 1/4 X H 1 3/4 inches