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Hemimorphite and Aurachalite from Palabanda, M'fouati, Congo

Hemimorphite and Aurachalite from Palabanda, M'fouati, Congo

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From Palabanda, M'fouati, Congo, this listing is for a mineral specimen with a double layer of hemimorphite, topped with aurichalcite. There is a layer of matrix between the two layers of hemimorphite, then all is iced with aurichalcite, a rarer mineral that often resembles chrysocolla in color (I originally thought it was chrysocolla!). The underside is interesting, with hemimorphite pushing through more aurichalcite.

Hemimorphite resonates so clearly and exquisitely with the throat. This mineral is especially effective when there are things in your life you just can't swallow. Get right to the heart of it, the root cause with hemimorphite. This is a crystal to hold close during these times, helping to bring your awareness to the cause of the situation before emotional issues become physical. There is a beautiful energy that hemimorphite brings to the throat, it is pitch perfect for this chakra. This would also be a perfect personal talisman for someone who is a singer and stretches their voice all the time because of its resonance and alignment with the 5th chakra.

Keywords: soothing, 5th chakra

W 3 5/8 X D 3 1/4 X 1 inches