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Mushroom Miniature from Pakistan - Lapis Lazuli (1 inch)

Mushroom Miniature from Pakistan - Lapis Lazuli (1 inch)

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From Pakistan, this listing is for ONE lapis lazuli MINI mushroom carving. These little mushrooms are a spectacular shade of blue, many with pyrite and calcite evident on the surface. Each of these mushrooms are stable and stand upright.

It is only through questioning what people take for granted, what people hold to be true, that we can break through the hypnosis of social conditioning. -Deepak Chopra

This blue stone helps you to be yourself, a clear connection to your highest potential. Lapis Lazuli fosters liberation from past compromises and what may have held you back. Not learning to be but remembering and connecting to a time when you were the ruler of your own spiritual kingdom. Rose and rosewood essential oils complement the use of lapis lazuli. Lazurite is the main component in Lapis and what gives it the intense blue color it's known for.

Keywords: truth, self-fulfillment, liberation

Each mushroom approximately 1 inch