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Malachite from Shaba, Zaire

Malachite from Shaba, Zaire

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From Shaba, Zaire, this listing is for a beautiful Malachite Specimen. This lovely, deep green mineral specimen has formations that are botryoidal and fibrous. The fibrous areas are velvety rich, the botryoidal sparkles and flows. This malachite display piece displays flat, and horizontally. A mineral stand is included if you'd like to display at an angle. It's absolutely lovely either way.

Malachite is related to Azurite but contains more water. Malachite makes things easier, simply put. Especially things that are of emotional origin. When emotions are eased you can experience life more vividly, more aesthetically and with calm appreciation. Malachite is a mineral that is formed through a secondary process from copper ore deposits, similar to chrysocolla and azurite. In all cultures malachite is dedicated to the goddess - in Egypt to Hathor, in classical times to Aphrodite and Venus, in Northern Europe to Freya. Folklore described it as the midwife stone, but it's also associated with sensuality, beauty and an appreciation for aesthetics and the arts. What I am certain of is that we are lucky to have it.

Keywords: ease, appreciation, calm

W 5 5/8 X D 3 1/2 X H 1 1/2 inches