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Peter Muller Carving, Obsidian and Quartz Penguin on Aquamarine from in Brazil

Peter Muller Carving, Obsidian and Quartz Penguin on Aquamarine from in Brazil

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From Brazil, this listing is for a penguin carving on an aquamarine base. The penguin is crafted from White Quartz and Obsidian, the base is gemmy blue aquamarine. This exquisite penguin carving appears to be perched on an icy, floating iceberg. All of these elements are brought together by master carvers directed by the keen eye of Peter Muller. 

This carving will arrive in two parts to ensure safe travels. After you receive, you can easily attach the metal claws of the penguin to the aquamarine base. 

Aquamarine is a joyful, uplifting influence, clearing up issues, lending clear-headedness and honesty. The name aquamarine (meaning seawater) was coined in the renaissance period, even older legends tell how it changes color to reveal true and false, friends from foes. Aquamarine can be a sturdy helpmate as you find your way to the truth of who you are, aligning yourself with your true inner being. Keywords: moving into joy

Quartz can be used to clear, balance, and align the spiritual, emotional and physical body. What needs to be cleared, what needs to go? Clear blockages, cords and all sublime energetic systems. Use quartz to clear your space and yourself, keeping the vibration high. 'There are two kinds of light', said author James Thurber, 'the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures'. Quartz is the glow that illuminates. Keywords: clear, balance, align

Obsidian helps us to obtain integrity through seeing our shadow sides. Once they are revealed, they can once more become part of the whole self, purifying the atmosphere around us of negativity and the influences that drive us when we are acting from this shadow side. When we are dealing with issues from a place of unconditional love and not reacting to issues, we are connected to our integrity. Obsidian was used for some of the oldest artifacts of mankind. Keywords: integrity, shadow work

Penguin: W 1 1/4 X D 1 1/2 X H 2 inches

Aquamarine: 2 1/4 X 3 1/4 X 3/4 inches