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Orpiment from Shimen City, Hunan Province, China

Orpiment from Shimen City, Hunan Province, China

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From Shimen City, Hunan Province, China, this listing is for a mineral specimen of orpiment and realgar. The color ranges from bright yellow to deeper shades of bright orange. The orange parts are sparkling, and in some places exhibit a botryoidal growth habit. Orpiment is an arsenic bearing mineral so wash hands after handling.

This mineral resonates with the 3 lower chakras, especially the sacral and will center. Energetically it is a match to inner child issues. It can be used as leverage when there has previously been no way in. Use it to create movement or flow in spaces that have been too tight to budge. This mineral can be an important part of your holistic toolbox - for yourself or if you are a practitioner, for others. There is an uplifting energy to yellow minerals, this is especially true if they are transformative.

Keywords: movement and flow

2 1/4 X 2 X 1 5/8 inches