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Blue Mist Manifestation Quartz from Santander, Colombia

Blue Mist Manifestation Quartz from Santander, Colombia

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From Santander Colombia, this listing is for a 1 pound, 4-ounce blue mist quartz crystal, this large sized quartz has a point penetrating it's exterior and going deep within. There are hematite dendrites surrounding the penetrating crystal. Blue mist quartz contains cookeite, a lithium bearing mineral, making blue mist quartz from the Santander region of Colombia a true lithium quartz. This big crystal is absolutely saturated with lithium.

The moment of change is the only poem. -Adrienne Rich

Calming, soothing Lithium supports and strengthens the nervous system, helping with recovery of any sort. Emotional, physical, spiritual restoration is its specialty. Use Lithium bearing Quartz to ground you into wellbeing, a safety net while still maintaining your crown connection to high guidance.

Quartz can be used to clear, balance, and align the spiritual, emotional and physical body. What needs to be cleared, and what needs to go? Clear blockages, cords and all sublime energetic systems. Use quartz to clear your space and yourself, keeping the vibration high. 'There are two kinds of light', said author James Thurber, 'the glow that illuminates and the glare that obscures'.  Quartz is the glow that illuminates.

Keywords: clear, balance, align, restore

W 2 3/4 X D 2 3/4 X L 5 1/2 inches