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Himalayan Rutilated Quartz Skull from India

Himalayan Rutilated Quartz Skull from India

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From India, this listing is for a rutilated Himalayan quartz skull carving with an abundance of both golden rutile and clinochlore. The carver (Subhash Meena) has used the shape of the stone to determine the finished sculpture. Golden rutile can be seen on all sides, top and bottom. This unique skull sits with face well displayed.

This is my last message to you: in sorrow seek happiness. -Dostoyevsky

In ancient times rutile crystals in quartz were thought to be captured sunlight and even now these crystals are highly prized. Like the sun use it to help life your mood. When dark clouds lift and the sun shines through, there is a moment of astonishment that anything can be so light and beautiful. A useful meditation is to visualize the vibrant shining Rutile crystals cutting away things that no longer serve, this facilitates and ability to breathe easier in all aspects of your life. Clinochlore is a life enhancing mineral, adding life force to its properties as well as the attributes of quartz - to clear, balance and align.

Keywords: breathe easy

W 1 3/4 X D 2 1/2 X H 2 inches, 160 grams