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Mushroom (Green Calcite) from Pakistan

Mushroom (Green Calcite) from Pakistan

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From Pakistan, this listing is for a carved and polished green calcite mushroom. This adorable mushroom has a top that looks like a cool pool of water and of course, sits upright. The stem has layers and layers and the base is matrix material.

Life begets life. Energy creates energy. It is by spending oneself that one becomes rich. -Sarah Bernhardt

Green Calcite says abundance and stability, you will be provided for. As a stone of manifestation use it to foster increase in all areas. Think expansion and harmony in business and personal financial ventures. Calcite has grounding properties as it relates to being provided for in the physical world. If Green Calcite had a mantra it would be 'clear skies and smooth sailing' because this is the energetic principle it embodies. Keywords: increase, stability

1 3/4 X H 2 1/2 inches